Farmstead Cheeses Created in Downeast Maine

Proud to be the First Licensed Cheesemaker in Washington County


Welcome to Our Farm, which is located "downeast" in Columbia Maine on 13 acres of pine groves, pasture, and hills by the Grand Marsh Stream. 




Our Oberhasli dairy goats love to go for walks through the trees and fields to get their daily exercise and “treats”.  We have found the Oberhasli breed to be more docile than the other dairy goat breeds; we love their dispositions, gentleness, and personalities. 

Our “girls” are fed 18% grain, beet pulp, black oil sunflower seeds, as well as second crop, alfalfa mix hay and allowed to browse in three acres of pasture. They have free choice baking soda, minerals, and kelp.   We do not use hormones, and antibiotics are given only when health of animal warrants it.